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Client Testimonials

Read what they have said about us over the years

“Dheanna and her team are extremely professional, well-informed, and thorough. Dheanna truly cares about the best interest of each and every one of her clients and does her best to resolve things as quickly as possible to save everyone time and money. She is quick to respond to emails and texts and does her best to accommodate her clients’ availability.  A compassionate attorney who knows her stuff…couldn’t ask for anyone better!” — Ashley C.

“Ms. Fikaris was exceptionally helpful and professional – I would recommend her highly. She brought up things I hadn’t thought of but turned out to be very important.

I never felt rushed or that my questions were unimportant.. She is great. ” — Veronica T.

“Mrs. Fikaris is an amazing lawyer. She is assertive and knowledgeable, yet calm and compassionate when needed. I found her to be readily available for all my legal needs, and her staff was wonderful to deal with.” — Peg K.

“Ms. Fikaris was extremely professional, yet compassionate, and didn’t back down in difficult situations that were required of her in my situation. She gave me the confidence that I needed to take my life and my control back.” — Katherine K.

“Fikaris and Associates handled my will and estate planning in a very timely and professional manner.  I recommend contacting Mrs. Fikaris for any legal matters.” — Darlene G.

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