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Getting You the Justice You Deserve

Illinois divorce attorney Dheanna Fikaris knows how stressful divorce and family law disputes can be. She works with clients in Dupage County, Cook County, and Will County to protect their rights and help them get the fair and equitable result they deserve. As a family lawyer with a passion for cases that involve children, Dheanna’s success is built on her dedication to fighting for justice and making a positive impact on the lives of her clients – regardless of whether the case is relatively simple or extremely complicated.

Dheanna began her law career as a patent lawyer, but she felt it was lacking human connection and involvement. She wanted a practice where she could interact with people and make a real difference in their lives; after taking an Advanced Family Law course, she saw the beneficial impact it could have on client’s lives, so she made the switch to family law.

Protecting Your and Your Children’s Rights

Dheanna prides herself on making a positive difference in people’s lives. She focuses on one-on-one interaction with clients in her Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois office, and enjoys taking on family law cases that help children. She is a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in DuPage County. Whether you are going through a divorce; fighting for custody and parenting time, child support, and maintenance/alimony; wanting to protect your fair share of the marital property; or just need to speak to an experienced divorce and family law attorney about your options during this tumultuous time in your life, family lawyer Dheanna Fikaris is here to help.

Dheanna believes that children have the right to be supported by their parents. She works with clients in the Oakbrook Terrace area to ensure that child support takes the children’s needs – as well as both parents’ financial situations – into account.

A Passionate Advocate Offering Exceptional and Personal Service

Dheanna Fikaris gets the job done without the excessive attorney fees that many other divorce attorneys charge. She doesn’t take a case just to pay the bills: she takes a case because she believes in the client’s goals and that they deserve help to achieve those goals. Depending on the case, she can fight hard or negotiate powerfully for her clients; in both cases, she gets equitable results that last.

You can count on having a passionate advocate by your side when you work with Dheanna. When she says she is going to do something, she gets it done, all the while providing all her clients with direct access to her every step of the way.

Dheanna knows that emergencies can happen at any time in a high-conflict divorce case, and makes herself available to her clients outside office hours. As a lawyer who loves helping people, Dheanna Fikaris is committed to providing her clients with exceptional service – regardless of how simple or complex their case may be.

She sets herself apart from other divorce attorneys by listening with compassion to her clients’ hopes, needs, and goals, and devoting herself personally to each case. Many divorce attorneys meet with clients one time and then pass the case on to an associate or paralegal; Dheanna completes a case from start to finish, working with her clients every step of the way. You are more than just a case number to Dheanna Fikaris: she truly cares about her clients, and she gets to know each and every one of them personally.

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Her former clients refer friends, family, and colleagues from Dupage, Cook, and Will Counties to divorce attorney Dheanna Fikaris because she is passionate about family law and fights to obtain justice in situations where other divorce attorneys won’t. With her personal touch and connection with each and every one of her clients, Dheanna is a force to be reckoned with.

Schedule an initial consultation with Dheanna Fikaris to find out your rights and obligations for your divorce and other family law matters.

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