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Illinois Family Law

An Illinois family law issue can strike at the heart of a family. Because it governs the relationships between spouses and between parents and children, emotions tend to be running high, which can make it difficult for all concerned parties to be reasonable and rational at all times. This makes a family law case different from every other kind of legal dispute.

Family law deals with legal issues involving family relationships, including divorce, child custody (which is now called “parenting responsibilities” in Illinois), child support, maintenance/alimony, post-decree issues, adoption, paternity, and other related legal matters.

State laws govern the requirements, rules, and procedures for marriage, divorce, property division, and other family law matters – so getting a divorce in Illinois is different from getting a divorce in New York or California, for example.

Even when a couple wants to have a cooperative, civilized divorce, it is never as simple as, “You get this, I get that, and we go our separate ways.” Divorce is complicated! You must gather files, records, and other paperwork – some of which dates back to before your marriage. Your property must be identified and distributed, and you’ll need to figure out parenting responsibilities: what is in your children’s best interests, and what works for you as individuals and as a family.

Depending on your unique circumstance, you may require assistance from a business valuator, tax specialist, parenting coordinator – and a divorce coach or therapist to help you process your “emotional divorce.”

With offices in Oakbrook Terrace, Fikaris and Associates has the experience to make your Illinois family law dispute as smooth and painless as possible. We advocate strongly for our clients – offering wise counsel, protecting their rights, and achieving the best possible outcome to their Illinois family law dispute.

We have experience handling both uncontested and highly contested divorce cases. Since every case is unique, we work to tailor a settlement to fit your family’s needs.

We help resolve parenting responsibility (custody) issues and work with you to create a parenting time (visitation) schedule that works for everyone.

Illinois Child Support

We can help ensure that your child support order is fair for both you and your ex, and that the amount and duration is sufficient to cover your children’s normal expenses.

Illinois Spousal Maintenance/Alimony

If you think you will be paying or receiving maintenance, we can help to establish fair and equitable spousal support within the confines of the law.

Illinois Property Division

Do you know the difference between marital and separate property? That difference could mean a huge hit or a windfall during divorce.

We can help modify child support or maintenance after your divorce is final. Or do you need help to enforce the terms and conditions of your divorce decree?

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